1.0 VISION:  Serving the church in Thailand to take the Gospel to every home in the nation.

• Rev. Buakab Ronghanam – National Director
• Rev. Chuchart Yakasam – T&M and Christ Group Coordinator
• Mr. Winyu Harnyuth – Literature Distribution Coordinator
• Pastor Thanongchai Jalae – MTC and Christ Group worker
• Pastor Subin Naiju – MTC and Christ Group worker
• Mrs. Sasitorn Ronghanam –Office Secretary

3.0 Long Term Goals 2010 – 2020
• To complete the coverage of Thailand by reaching 20 million homes distributing more than 40 million pieces of literature by 2020
• To work in partnership with the Evangelical Fellowship of Thailand to see a church planted in every village in every region and district by 2020.
• To establish Christ Groups/churches using Train and Multiply and MTCs by working with the current active and established 4000 churches in the nation
• To raise awareness of EHC ministry nation-wide going region by region (5 regions in the nation) through leadership training (T&M) and MTCs
• To mobilize a prayer network by doing training in establishing Walls of Prayer in every region in Thailand.
• To establish and solidify a donor base for EHC Thailand with the vision of having EHC Thailand a self-support base and also to support other nations in the region.
• To have 10 full time workers in 2010 and increase the number as the work progresses into the next few years

4.0 Goals for 2010
• To distribute an average of 25,000 Gospel pieces each month with the USD2700 committed by EHCI.  That is about 11 cents per home.
• To plant an average of 3 Christ groups/churches per month resulting in 40 churches by December 2010.  This is a conservative estimate. There are plans to increase this in 2011 and beyond as the number of workers increase and many more churches are involved.
• To train leaders from 6 tribal groups in Chiang Mai (Hmong, Lahu, Karen, Akha, Lisu and Thai on T&M beginning with 15 – 20 leaders in January
• To set up training seminars for each quarter in the 5 main regions of Thailand.
• To complete the coverage of the provinces of Lampang, Lampoon and Maehongsorn in the first 3 months (January to March
• To begin distribution in April in Northern Thailand (Phayao Chiang Rai and Nan)
• To do distribution from July on in North East Thailand.

5.0 Strategies
• Introduction of Train and Multiply by way of leadership training and imparting the vision of church planting and multiplication.
• Working in partnership with the local churches in Thailand to distribute Gospel literatures (25,000 per month) and be involved in church planting.  This number will increase as more churches are introduced to the vision of EHC.
• Create awareness through radio broadcast, Christian television and EHC Thailand prayer newsletter of EHC activities and other planned activities in the future.
• Utilizing the MTC tool for pastoral leadership and multiplying the church
• Working closely with the Regional Office and utilizing their expertise for training, communication etc.

6.0 Reason for Expansion of EHC work in Thailand and increase of EHCI funding
• Dr. Buakab (ND) is now fully focused on EHC Thailand after retiring from Voice of Peace.  She will be concentrating her full energy on the realization of this vision.
• There are now two more full time workers who will be planting Christ Groups using the T&M and MTC working in partnership with the local churches.  They already have a proven ministry in church planting
• The political climate is conducive to evangelism and church planting
• Dr. Buakab has a lot of influence and is a leader of great respect and standing in the churches in Thailand.
• EHC Thailand’s vision of distributing literatures that result in churches is consistent with the vision of Evangelical Fellowship of Thailand to plant a church in every village in Thailand by 2020.
• With the relocation of EHC Asia/Pacific to Chiang Mai, this will a be a big boost to EHC Thailand’s plans for the nation.
• There is greater unity in the churches in Thailand as well as mission agencies that have their offices here.

7.0 Budget:  With the USD2700 per month committed by EHCI, this is how this fund will be used to realize the vision of distributing 25,000 Gospel pieces resulting in 3 churches a month.

More can be achieved with more funding because the more workers we have the more work we can do.  But with the increase in EHCI funding beginning this year, we are committed to reach an average of 25,000 homes per month.

8.0 Expected Results (Monthly)
• 25,000 Gospel pieces to distribute
• 1000 responses
• Average of 3 brand new Christ Groups (40 by Dec 2010)
• An average of 30 leaders to be trained per month with T&M through MTC and leadership seminars
• More churches to be involved

9.0 Conclusion
This is the Ministry Plan put together by the EHC ND with the staff in collaboration with the Regional Director Asia/Pacific.  Specific goals for each region and timelines will also be discussed as EHC ministry progresses into the year.